Can you mail me an application?

No, All Applications must be filled out in person at our facility.

What is the application process?

1) Fill out an application in person at our facility with the required documents to apply in hand.
2) Take aptitude test when scheduled. There are no set dates, but test are given in order of application date and time.
3) If you pass the test, you will be scheduled for an interview with apprenticeship committee when scheduled.
4) All interviewed applicants, will be placed on a ranked list based on your interview score. You could remain on the list for up 2 years.
5) If you fail the test, your file will be closed and you can re-apply after 6 months if you choose

Do I need a valid drivers license to apply?

Yes, you must show proof of a valid drivers license to fill out an application.

Is there a set schedule for testing and interviewing?

No, Testing and Interviews are scheduled as needed to add possible apprentices to our 2 year ranked list.

If I took Geometry or Calculas, do I need to show proof of Algebra 1?

Yes, you must show proof of passing 2 semesters of High School Algebra 1 or College equivalent with a passing grade of C or better in each semester. (Official Sealed Transcripts)

Will my GED Test Scores be sufficient for the Algebra 1 requirements?

No, You must get a letter on school letterhead where you received the GED stating that the Math you took is equivalent to 2 semesters of High School Algebra 1 with a passing grade of C or better in each semester.

I only have my GED test scores, do I still need to bring in my GED Certificate?

Yes, you must bring in your GED Certificate and grades for the Math requirement.

I do not have the Algebra 1 requirments, what can I do?

You can enroll in an Algebra 1 class through a Community College or take the Electrical Training Alliance NJATC Tech Math course online using the following link: .

When do the semesters start?

The semesters for school start in January and July. Apprentices are usually brought in throughout the year as work permits but start school at the beginning of semesters.

Is there a cost or tuition?

There is no cost other than purchasing your schoolbooks each year as required.

Will I get any credit in the Apprenticeship for taking classes at a college or trade school?

No, you may request credit for OJT (On-the-job-training) with supporting documentation of work hours if accepted, but not for classroom credit only.

I have a trainee card from the State of California, do I still need to go through the application process?


If accepted, are we guaranteed to work full time?

No, We offer Apprentice positions based on the work picture and the employers needs. We can\'t control the economy so there may be some times you are out of work but are still required to attend school to remain in the program.