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CALCTP will dramatically increase the demand for lighting controls in commercial buildings. For a building to be eligible for incentives, CALCTP partner utilities, which encompass over 90% of the California market, will require CALCTP-certified contractor
Jason McCord

This course is divided into seven modules consisting of both lecture and lab activities. The module content is organized to answer the following about lighting controls: what they are, what they do, where they are used, and how they are installed. Each “lecture” contains one or more interactive components, including group discussions, device demonstrations and/ or calculation exercises.

The corresponding lab period, following the lecture, allows the attendee to directly apply what has been learned by installing the devices on electrical lab board, under the supervision of the CALCTP-certified instructor(s).

4 Hours
12 Thursday night's
4:00pm to 8:00pm
Textbook and Workbooks

You must be a state certified electrician and complete the prerequisite classes listed below online before attending the class.

The prerequisite studies are on the Lighting Controls Association website—modules EE101, EE102, EE103, and EE201. (Approximately 12 hours). These courses can be found at  here. For enrollment in CALCTP, applicants must present a certificate of completion for online study to enroll in the CALCTP course.

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Orange County Electrical Training Center

717 S. Lyon Street, Santa Ana,, CA. 92705

Class Outcome
Students will have the knowledge and skills to install advance lighting systems.
You must be a state certified electrician and complete the prerequisite classes listed above.
Attendence Detail
You must attend all 12 night's with no abscences.
Deposit / Fee

$50.00 refunded upon completion* *441 members only. $150.00 for other IBEW members. $1000.00 for non members

Students will receive a certificate upon completion for CEU’s