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Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program
OnLine Courses w/ Training Trust Staff

The Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program (EVITP) has been established to provide the Electric Vehicle Transportation sector of the electrical industry, and all stakeholders, a structured platform to facilitate training and certification for the installation of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) across Residential and Commercial/Public markets.

EVITP has created a national training and certification program that provides the EV industry with the highest level of verifiable knowledge and technical understanding to support the sound, safe and successful growth of the EV market. EVITP’s training content will incorporate and reflect the requirements, high standards and concerns of industry partners and stakeholders.

24 Hours OnLine at your pace. Final Exam must be taken at Training Center.
24 Hours
On line (Final Exam must be taken in person at Training Center. Call the Training Center to Schedule)
Textbook and Workbooks

2014/2017 NEC Code Book Required

Course Dates Start
Course Dates End
Short Description
  • Electric Vehicles
  • Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE)
  • NEC Chapters 1-4 and Article 625
  • Advanced Load Calculations
  • Site Assessment
  • EVSE Commissioning
  • EVSE Troubleshooting

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Registration may be done in person or you can print a registration form which is available on our website at on the Journeyman classes tab and mail to the Training Center Office with payment.

Class Outcome
Students completing course and passing lessons will recieve a EVITP Certification
Deposit / Fee

Course Fee: $78.80*

*441 members

$157.60 for other IBEW members