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JW Detailing/Bluebeam Class
Jason McCord

The goals of this class are to introduce or enhance your knowledge in the Building Information Modeling (BIM).

BIM has been used successfully for years in the vertical building industry. Improved design accuracy, early identification of constructability issues, better visualization, and eventual asset management capabilities are all expected benefits of this course. 

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4:00pm to 8:00pm
16 Hours
Tuesday and Thursday Night's
Textbook and Workbooks

The requirements are that you will need to have access to a newer windows computer and internet access. 

You will need to know how to do basic computer skills like email and downloading and using the Bluebeam program.

Course Dates Start
April 20, 2021
Course Dates End
April 29, 2021
Short Description

This will be a JW level class based on how to detail work for installation and provide mark ups in Bluebeam. 

This class will be going over how to mark up drawings, create drawings, and use these mark ups to layout and install work. 

This class will be discussing and explaining what detailing is and how to use it to effectively plan work.


This is a 4 night class meeting Tuesday and Thursday from 4pm-8pm from 4/20/21 - 4/29/21. 

This class will be available either in person or online on Zoom as conditions allow.

Class Outcome
Certificate of Completion (16 CEUs)
Basic Computer Skills
Attendence Detail
Attendance is mandatory for all nights of class
Deposit / Fee

No Fee